Ekpyrosis Press is currently accepting book proposals in the fields of philosophy, religious studies, sociology, psychology, psychoanalysis, history, political science, theology, literature, and current events. If you would like to submit a submission for consideration, please follow the guidelines below:

Guidelines for Author Submissions:

The Book:

  1. Brief Description: Describe your work in one to two paragraphs. Be sure to include the main objective of your book, its theoretical approach to the subject, and what academic disciplines it utilizes and what academic disciplines it fits into.
  2. Outline: Supply a detailed outline of the book. If a table of contents is available, a brief description of each chapter would be appreciated. If this is an edited volume, an abstract for each chapter is required.
  3. Outstanding Qualities: Please describe what makes your book distinguishable from others in the field. What problems or issues does your book address that have not been adequately addressed in other published works? If your book is on an entirely unique subject, please explain why it is a subject that you feel needs to be addressed. 
  4. Additional Features: Will the book include artwork, photography, charts, or any other pictorial features? If so, please explain the nature of such the additional features and why they are integral to the work itself. 

Status of the Work:

  1. What is the existing timetable for completing the proposed book?
  2. How many photographs, charts, or other pictorial material do you intend to include?
  3. What percentage of the book is already completed?
  4. What is your estimated completion date for the proposed book?
  5. What is the estimated size of the book (word count, or in type written page numbers (double-space, 12-point Times New Roman font))?

Sample Chapters:

Please submit one or two written chapters of the proposal book. These chapters would be from the body of the book, as opposed to a forward, introduction, or post-script. The chapter(s) should represent the best-written and most integral of the chapters. 

Author Information:

Please include a current Curriculum Vitae with your book proposal. Your CV should include your academic qualifications, institutional affiliations, a comprehensive list of current publications, and any other qualifications that demonstrate your expertise in the field. 

Response Time:

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for the manuscript proposal to be reviewed and evaluated. Ekpyrosis Press has a dedicated team of editors who will review all submission proposals. We look forward to reading your work. 

Please submit your book proposal by sending it to: ekpyrosispress@gmail.com