Forthcoming from Ekpyrosis Press:

The Dark Charisma of Donald Trump: A Political Psychology Approach to Understanding the Agitator and his Devotees, by Dustin J. Byrd

Rooted in the works of Max Weber, the Frankfurt School, and contemporary psychoanalysis, this forthcoming volume is a psychoanalytical-political theory approach to understanding the authoritarian populism of Donald Trump and the spellbinding hold he has over his devotees. This book will be published by Ekpyrosis Press in the winter of 2022.

The Frankfurt School and Political Theology: Determinate Negation, by Rudolf J. Siebert

This forthcoming volume is a collection essays by the critical theorist and theologian Rudolf J. Siebert, concerning the Frankfurt School and their determinate negation of political theology. The essays in this volume span from the 1970s to the 2000s, and will be published in 2023.

Ali Shariati: Critical Social Theory and Revolution, edited by Dustin J. Byrd and Seyed Javad Miri

This forthcoming volume is a collection of essays on the continual relevance of the work of Ali Shariati, the Iranian intellectual who was at the forefront of the Islamic Revolution of 1979. It will explore, expand, and develop his political theology, sociology, and thoughts on Shi’i Islam and social change. This book will be released by Ekpyrosis Press in 2023.

Three Years in Southwest Asia: An American Defense Contractor in the Islamic World, by Thomas J. Scarbrough

Facing unemployment after fifteen years with his company, Thomas J. Scarbrough is offered the opportunity to move to Southwest Asia during the war in Afghanistan to supervise sixty-three IT professionals scattered through the region. Having no combat experience, and knowing nothing about Islamic culture, he accepts the challenges and prepares to deploy. From the moment his boots hit the ground in Qatar, he finds himself in culture shock and must learn to navigate between his military support role and local Islamic science. Scarbrough comes away with a new understanding of Muslims and Islam, and himself in ways he did not anticipate or expect.

Also Coming Soon:

Against the World: Toward an Islamic Liberation Philosophy, by Ali Harfouch

Inclusive and Exclusive Identity Politics and Policies: The Dialectic of Right and Left in the Religious and the Secular Sphere, by Rudolf J. Siebert

Ali Shariati and the Islamic Liberation Theo-Philosophy: The Struggle within Islam and the Struggle for Emancipation, by Mehdi Shariati and Seyed Javad Miri

The Concept of Freedom in the Qur’an, translated by Mehdi Shariati

From Modernization Theory to Liberation Theology: Social Theory, Religion, and Colonialism/Imperialism in the 19th and 20th Century, by Mehdi Shariati