Ali Shariati: Expanding the Sociological Canon, by Seyed Javad Miri

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Ali Shariati: Expanding the Sociological Canon: Ali Shariati is known as the “ideologue of the Iranian Revolution of 1979,” but this definition does not do justice to Ali Shariati as a classical social theorist on the global stage. What is needed is to focus on the sociological dimensions of his thought, thus regarding him as one of the most significant classics of alternative social theory.

Seyed Javad Miri is a Swedish-Iranian sociologist and Professor of Sociology at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies in Tehran, Iran. He is also the Co-Director of the Institute for Critical Social Theory. His expertise is in critical social theory and contemporary Islamic thought.

See Dr. Mehdi Shariati’s Review of Seyed Javad Miri’s book, Ali Shariati: Expanding the Sociological Canon

Paperback. 145 pages

Published: February, 2021

ISBN: 978-1-7350576-4-4

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Table of Contents

1) Preface

2) Dislocated Society: Novel Concept-Formation in the Shariatian Social Theory

3) Ali Shariati's Reading of Ibn Khaldun

4) Ali Shariati's Critique of Durkheim's Sociology of Religion

5) Revisiting Indigenization of Sociology in Iran: An Inquiry into Shariati's Distinction between Subject and Indigenous

6) Ali Shariati and his Interpretation of Frantz Fanon

7) Shariati's Reading of Karl Marx: An Iranian Perspective

8) Rereading Shariati's approach to Shiism

9) Revisiting the Indian Vedic Tradition: A Shariatian Approach

10) Acknowledgements

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