Islam and Postmodernism: Iqbal as a Turning Point, by Amjad Hussein

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Islam and Postmodernism: Iqbal as a Turning Point: This book is a critique of contemporary Muslim responses, especially Ziauddin Sardar, Akbar S. Ahmed, and Tariq Ramadan, to the relative proximity between Islam and Postmodernism. This book highlights how such scholars have misread the philosophical camaraderies between Islam and Postmodernism. On the one hand, the book deconstructs their respective responses to the issue of Islam and Postmodernism while at the same time makes a case for reading Allama Muhammad Iqbal as an important turning point within the Muslim scholarship that addresses the challenge of Postmodernism. The book also forwards an outline of the kind of political thought that both Iqbal’s Sufi epistemology an Postmodernism make available. As such, Islam and Postmodernism: Iqbal as a Turning Point is a damning critique of the current trajectory of Muslim scholarship and the various scholars who have “put their laptops at the service of a predatory empire.”

Amjad Hussein is a research scholar and academic at the National University of Modern Languages in Peshawar, Pakistan. He teaches English literature and pursues his interests in Postmodernism, Post-colonialism, Critical Theory, Islam, South Asia, Muhammad Iqbal, political philosophy, and philosophy of religion. He is a member of the Institute for Critical Social Theory.

YouTube Book Discussion with the Author: Islam and Postmodernism

Paperback. 352 Pages.

Published: January, 2022.

ISBN: 978-1-7350576-9-9

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Table of Contents

1) Preface

2) Iqbal, Islam, and Muslim Political Thought

3) Distortion of Iqbal

4) There is a Problem

5) Sufi Epistemology and Critical Theory in Dialogue

6) Why Iqbal? Why now?

7) Islam and Postmodernism: Certain Pitfalls

8) Iqbal's Imam Ghazali Moment

9) Shafique's The Republic of Rumi

10) Islam

11) Iqbal in Conversation

12) Option for Pakistan

13) Straussians in South Asia and the Battle of the Belts

14) Iqbal's Reconstruction of Religious Thought

15) Iqbal and Derrida: The Postmodern Iqbal

16) Our Here and Now

17) Story of a Seminar on Terrorism at Peshawar University

18) Halal Marx: Marx and Engels

19) Iqbal's Political Heirs: The Need for Structural and Ideological Reforms in PTI

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