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Three Years in Southwest Asia: An American Defense Contractor in the Islamic World: Facing unemployment after fifteen years with his company, Thomas J. Scarbrough is offered the opportunity to move to Southwest Asia during the war in Afghanistan to supervise sixty-three IT professionals scattered through the region. Having no combat experience, and knowing nothing about Islamic culture, he accepts the challenges and prepares to deploy. From the moment his boots hit the ground in Qatar, he finds himself in culture shock and must learn to navigate between his military support role and local Islamic science. Scarbrough comes away with a new understanding of Muslims and Islam, and himself in ways he did not anticipate or expect.

Thomas J. Scarbrough graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Organizational Studies and a minor in Communications from St. Louis University. Over a period of twenty years, he served as a youth and music minister for several evangelical churches while also working in other professions, including retail management, printing, video production, and web development. He spent the last twenty-five years of his career working as an IT Defense Contractor until his retirement in 2021.

Paperback. 124 pages.

Published: December, 2022

ISBN: 979-8-9855926-3-4

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Table of Contents

1) Saying Goodbye to the World I Know

2) Deployed

3) Hit the Ground Running

4) Iraq – the Day of Rage

5) Afghanistan

6) A New Opportunity

7) Navigating the Environment

8) Not Everything is as it Seems

9) Learning the Culture

10) Ramadan and the Dolphine

11) Operational Conundrums

12) It's Time to go Home

13) Afterward

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