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The Glorious Departure of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams: Eulogies and Remembrances from America’s Great Orators: Few events in American history have captured the public imagination like the deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on July 4, 1826. In response, public venerations were organized throughout the country with eulogies given by the most influential American statesmen and orators. As the two hundredth anniversary of this even approaches, this book compiles remembrances to they pair, contextualizing them within the framework of American civil religion. These commemorations provide numerous insights into how American religiosity framed the understanding of the American Revolution and early Republic. This anthology is of interest to scholars and readers of historical nonfiction.

Anthony Squiers, Ph.D., Habil., is a faculty member at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy College of the Performing Arts, in Los Angelos, California. He is the author of The Politics of the Sacred in America: The Role of Civil Religion in Political Practice, and An Introduction to the Social and Political Philosophy of Bertolt Brecht: Revolution and Aesthetics, and is the co-editor of Philosophizing Brecht: Critical Readings on Art, Consciousness, Social Theory, and Performance. 

YouTube Book Discussion with Author: The Glorious Departure of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

Paperback. 430 Pages.

Published: May, 2022.

ISBN: 979-8-9855926-1-0

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Amazon (US): The Glorious Departure of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

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Praise for The Glorious Departure of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams:

“Squiers has provided a service for fans of Adams and Jefferson by compiling overlooked sources that together offer a new way to understand the gravity of the moment and the figures. Through insightful commentary and notes on the sources, Squiers offers a valuable resource for students looking for background on the era. Historians will wonder why it has taken so long for a book like this to arrive!” ~ John Terry, South Texas College

“The materials in this collection serve the student and specialist alike in understanding the memorialization of the revolutionary period in American culture and rhetoric. Dr. Squiers’ introduction is useful in understanding the aspirations and complications involved in commemorating the American Revolution as the age of revolutionary giants, like Jefferson and Adams, was passing.” ~ Jamie McCandless, Kennesaw State University

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Table of Contents

1) The Origins of the Founding Fathers Myth in America's Civil Religion
2) Samuel Woodworth
3) X, Y, X
4) Daniel Webster
5) Samuel L. Knapp
6) Caleb Cushing
7) John Tyler
8) C.C. Cambreleng
9) Samuel Smith
10) Felix Grundy
11) Sheldon Smith
12) John Sergeant
13) Henry Potter
14) Peleg Sprague
15) William Johnson
16) John A. Shaw
17) Edward Turner
18) William Alexander Duer
19) N.L. Frothingham
20) Joseph E. Sprague
21) William Wirt
22) William F. Thornton
23) Edward Everett
24) William Wilkins
25) Henry Ware
26) Joseph L. Tillinghast
27) Walter R. Johnson
28) Alfred Johnson Jr.
29) Stephen N. Rowan
30) Charles Stewart Daveis
31) About the Orators
32) A Note on the Texts

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