Grassroots Asian Theologies: Doing Pentecostal Theology in the Philippine Context

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Grassroots Asian Theologies: Doing Pentecostal Theology in the Philippine Context: The need for a holistic grassroots theology becomes more urgent as Filipino Christians wrestle to come up with a truly Filipino faith-based understanding of Philippines’ social problems. In the last three decades, while liberation theologians have been preoccupied with engaging in the social and political changes of the country, many Filipino Christians are increasingly polarized over whether theologies of liberation or theology of struggle is even biblical. Meanwhile, Filipino Pentecostalism/Charismatic movements, which focused on numerical growth and church planting in Southeast Asia, have often been accused of being withdrawn from political and social concerns. In the middle of this, Singaporean theologian Simon Chan argues that Asian Pentecostal movements attracted people who define their ethnographic concerns (healing, financial breakthrough, deliverance from evil spirits) that is so different from what (elitist) liberation theologians do. This book attempts to answer the following questions: How relevant and accurate is Simon Chan’s notion of “Grassroots Asian theologies” in the Philippine context? What is Chan’s notion of “ecclesial experience” as a concrete form of Grassroots Asian Theology? What factors might be vital in doing Grassroots Theology in the light of Philippine experience? What possibilities arise from a comparison among the approaches of Simon Chan, Wonsuk Ma, and Eleazar Fernandez in the broader context of doing a Grassroots Filipino Pentecostal public theology?

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Hadje Crescencio Sadje is a visiting Ph.D. research fellow at the University of Vienna, Austria, a visiting fellow at the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre, Canada, a visiting research fellow at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria, an associate member of the SOAS Center for Palestine Studies, University of London-UK, and a research associate at the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. Currently, he is a PH.D. candidate at the University of Hamburg, Germany. He teaches at the Barcelona Applied Social Sciences, Spain, the Foundation Academy Amsterdam, Netherlands, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and the Divinity School Silliman University, Philippines. He research and publication projects focus on de-colonialism, global politics, Asian religions, global Pentecostalism, Muslim-Christian studies, refugees and religion, theologies of migration, and Christian Zionism.

Paperback. 127 Pages.

Published: August, 2022

ISBN: 979-8-9855926-2-7

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Table of Contents

Forward by Nimi Wariboko

Chapter 1: Simon Chan's Grassroots Asian Theology

Chapter 2: Ecclesial Experience Interacting with Filipino Pentecostalism

Chapter 3: Ecclesial Experience Interacting with Filipino Elite Theologies

Chapter 4: Filipino Theologies in the Philippine Context

Conclusion: What Possibilities does the Comparison of Simon Chan, Wonsuk Ma, and Eleazar Fernandez offer in the Broader Context of Doing a Grassroots Filipino Theology?



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